Kesha – Rhodesian ridgeback

My name is Kesha and I was born on July 19th, 2012 in Hranice. I am a Rhodesian ridgeback and my officially registered name is Kwentu Darma.

When my masters took me home, they started to call me Kesha. They already had a Rhodesian ridgeback girl named Amy, who is one year older than me, so there are the two of us for our masters and we are an awesome duo. Amy is older and I respect her, but we make mischief together. We live in a house with a garden and our beds are everywhere. Outside, we love to relax on mattresses fixed on palettes and inside we have rattan beds (with mattresses of course). At night we limit the space of our masters as we spread in their bed while they try to sleep.

As I am really pretty, I and my master visited several exhibitions, then a bonitation and now we have a dog breeding station licence. It is obvious that we went to a dog exercise area and I always tried to do what my master wanted me to do, but to be honest… My master is wrapped around my paw, so I just make a funny face, give him my paw and I do whatever I want.

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